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TRO Q & A Page

Go with TRO

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1. What is TRO?
TRO stands for Textbook Reservation Option. With TRO you can let us know what books you want to buy from us, and we’ll set them aside for you.

2. Why use TRO?
Three reasons:
1) It’s easy. You don’t have to go hunting all over creation looking for the right books when you use TRO. Just click “reserve” and we’ll do the rest.
2) Peace of mind. When you use TRO you know you’re getting the correct books, at our posted, competitive prices…guaranteed!
3) It’s mutually beneficial. TRO helps us know how many books to purchase, so MLC students can get the books they need. Everybody wins!

3. How does TRO work?
Simply log on to the portal and look at your book list. Notice the “reserve” button next to some or all of your books. (These buttons will show up at 8:00 am on Nov. 30, 2020.) Click the reserve button and then “Okay” or “Cancel.” If you hit “Cancel,” nothing happens and you can come back later to reserve the book if you so choose, and the reserve option is still available. (The reserve buttons disappear when we’ve sold out so don’t delay too long!) If you hit “Okay” your request is sent directly to us and we send you a confirmation email within a day or two to confirm your reservation.

Please note: You can only request to reserve one copy of each textbook. Once a reservation request has been sent for a specific book, the “reserve” button next to that book disappears.

4. How long will the Bookstore hold TRO books?
The TRO expiration date is Wednesday, January 6, 2021. You have until 4:00 pm that day to purchase your reserved books. Books not purchased on or before the TRO expiration date will be returned to the shelf or to the publisher. However, once you pay for your reserved books you may stop by and pick them up whenever you want…because they’re yours!

5. How can I pay for my reserved books?
There are 3 ways to pay:

1) Pay online! NEW!!!
Simply click on the blue button in the confirmation email you are sent to pay securely online.  PLEASE NOTE: Payment of the invoice for your TRO order indicates that you agree to the rental terms for any books you may be renting from the MLC Bookstore included on the invoice.

2) Send us a check.
Make your check payable to the: MLC Bookstore
and mail it to:
MLC Bookstore
1995 Luther Court
New Ulm, MN 56073
NOTE: Checks must be received on or before the TRO expiration date of Jan. 6, 2021.

3) Pay in person at the MLC Bookstore. The Bookstore is located on the upper level of the LSC (Luther Student Center).

6. Can the reservations I’ve made through TRO be canceled?
Absolutely! You can cancel your reservations at any time, with no penalty, no questions asked. However, we do ask that you do so promptly. There may be other students looking for those books, or we may have ordered one especially for you! Please shoot us an email at bookrequests@mlc-wels.edu ASAP if you decide to cancel any or all reserved books.

7. What if I am required to stay off campus due to COVID-19, but I still need my books for class? For any and all MLC students who reserved their books with TRO, and paid for them, and are not allowed on campus as a result of COVID-19, the MLC Bookstore will ship your order to you at no additional cost.

We take the headaches out of your textbook search!

Have another question? Email us at bookrequests@mlc-wels.edu and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.