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How to see my Book List

NOTE: You can visit the Book List on the MLC Portal (under Information) to see all textbooks and required materials for every course offered at MLC. While this information might be helpful when registering for your courses, in general, it is far more information than you need. Instead, we encourage you to please follow the steps below to see only the textbooks that YOU need for YOUR courses.


Once you’ve registered for a semester at MLC, you can take a look at the required textbooks for each of your courses.

Your book list can be found at the MLC Portal. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in with your MLC Account user name and password.
  2. Under Information in the gray navigation bar, click Book List.
  3. You will see a table that lists courses, professors, and books needed. Be sure that the semester on the top left corner is correct: 2020-21 Semester 1. If it is not correct, place your cursor on it, and a drop-down menu will appear. Now you will be able to find your courses and the book(s) necessary for each one of your courses. MLC Bookstore prices are also listed.
  4. You may purchase (or rent when available) your books through the MLC Bookstore, buy them online, or you may buy them from friends who used them last year. We recommend you take advantage of TRO (see step 5) and reserve your books through the MLC Bookstore to ensure you are get the books you need, in time for class.
  5. TRO (Textbook Reservation Option) is a service we offer to students to help them find their books. It’s been extremely successful. Most students who attend MLC use TRO to reserve at least some or all of their books. Using TRO is easy! Log in to your book list (between July 20th and August 19th) and you will see “Reserve” buttons next to some or all of your books. Click on the buttons to reserve books. No payment is necessary when making reservations with TRO, and there is no penalty for cancellations. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis so we urge you to reserve your books promptly. Again, most MLC students take advantage of this helpful service, and appreciate the convenience and peace of mind it brings. You can learn more by visiting: TRO Q & A
  6. Important note: If you decide to buy your books on your own, be sure to get the exact title, edition, and ISBN number.